Golds Gym Adjustable Dumbbells reviews

Gold Gym Switch Plate 100

The golds gym adjustable dumbbells are paired with a stand and allow you to have the desired work out. The weight is indicated by a knob which lets you select the required weight ranging from 10 pounds going all the way up to 50 pounds on both of the dumbbells which means a high total of 100 pounds.

This set of adjustable dumbbells is easy to use and like all the contemporary style weights coming in the market today, they do not take much space in your room.

Gold Gym Switch Plate 100
Gold Gym Switch Plate 100

The best part is the paired stand that comes with it. It is easy to place and will only take up a corner in your room. It keeps all the weights that are unused in one place and the dumbbells are within your reach.

These are some of the basic specifications of these dumbbells. If we look at it more broadly then the fact remains that they are convenient and perfect to carry out routine exercise from home.


The appearance of these dumbbells is quite provocative because they look very heavy duty and it seems like only a heavy bodybuilder or a tough guy can use them.

But when you hold them in your hands they will feel robust and sturdy which is exactly what dumbbells should feel like. So that’s a plus point in itself.


A lot of people cannot go to gym because of their hectic schedule. Most of the time they take up gym memberships, pay for its charges but alas that it goes by without much utilization.

The membership is wasted and the money spent on it never comes back. But not to worry as equipments like these adjustable weight dumbbells are made for such individuals.

Everyone needs a little bit of work out and if you can’t go to the gym then you can work out from your home as these dumbbells will deliver the same results as going to the gym.

It is just a onetime investment that you make for a nice body and you will be benefited from it for many years to come.

It comes with a stand so you can easily place it anywhere in your room with all the weights neatly stacked in one place.

These adjustable dumbbells are easy to operate as the function with a simple knob for weight selection. You can choose the weight you want to exercise with and you are all set.

This product is made to accommodate to all kinds of various needs because of its varying range of weight.

If you just want to tone up a bit and shape your body then lighter weights are recommended, and if you wish for a muscular body or want to maintain the heavy muscles then heavier weights will fulfill the purpose.

So point is, why buy various dumbbells of different weights when you can get a weight range from 5 to 50 pounds in a single dumbbell. Secondly, a full range of different dumbbells like this one will cost almost double of what golds gym adjustable dumbbells cost. So you definitely get to save a lot of money here.


Like every product there are some cons for these dumbbells as well. Since there are two options for adjustable dumbbells, one being Golds Gym dumbbells and the second is Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells, people go for Golds Gym because they are slightly less expensive than Bowflex and the Ironmaster dumbbells.

These dumbbells are no doubt very sturdy and long lasting, however due to their heavy build up they are very bulky to hold. Even when you have the lightest weight on, it is still very heavy to hold.

This makes this product not suitable for all those with weak wrists. Doing Crouching Cohen Curls is also very uncomfortable using these dumbbells.

Another problem occurs while changing the weights. For all those who are used to such equipments, it is not that hard but for the newbie it can be a little time consuming.

You need to get familiar with it first and know the tricks of getting it right. However, by a week or so you will get the heck of it.
Sometimes the screws get loosen and come undone. And looking for them and tightening them again and again is too much of work.

Ending Note

Even after some negative factors, these adjustable weights dumbbells are not the best adjustable dumbbells but they are definitely better than low quality cheap adjustable dumbbells.

The weights are accurate and exactly what is stated. Overall, we can conclude that these dumbbells work pretty well and do the job effectively. If we get past the minor flaws, the dumbbell set is pretty decent.

Once bought, if you handle it with care and give it a little training time then chances are that you might not even face any issues. Such minor issues are present in every product and nothing comes without a flaw. However, the weight being too heavy is another case.

So if you are a person with weak wrists or if you just want to reduce a bit of weight and want to get your body in shape then you should go for other alternatives.

However, if you want to build muscles and are used to lifting weights then you won’t be affected by the bulkiness of these weights. At this point it all comes down to your strength.

And if you are comfortable using these weights then you can carry out all sorts of desired exercises. They deliver the same effective as any other dumbbell set and lets you have a decent work out.

You can go through various golds gym adjustable dumbbells reviews and see for yourself what customers believe about their performance.

And chances are that most of them will be happy with it because of its unique design and effectiveness.

Even after being so heavy duty, it can fit into just a corner of your room which is another plus point. So analyze your options and choose wisely.

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