Weider adjustable dumbbells Reviews

Weider adjustable dumbbell

Physical fitness, body strength and nice physique are the factors desired by everyone. But in order to achieve all these things one has to put in a lot of time, energy and money.

And unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to give our physical fitness all these things. We lack time to go to gym and most of the time the gym membership that we apply for go wasted because we are unable to show up.

So in such a situation the best option is to work-out from home. But then again we cannot pile up various exercising equipments in our house because of shortage of space.

So is achieving a nice physique is beyond our reach? Well, definitely not, because with Weider adjustable dumbbells it is definitely possible. There are several kinds of Weider dumbbells all of which are perfect for a stay-at-home workout. Let’s have a look.

Weider adjustable dumbbells reviews

Weider Core 100 pounds Adjustable Select-A-Weight dumbbells

With this Weider dumbbell set, you can carry out all your favorite exercises that involve dumbbells.

These dumbbells are easy to use and will only take up a corner of your room or garage. This product comes with a stand which is free of cost.

The select a weight option lets you choose your desired weight of plates ranging from 10 and going up to 50 pounds with 5 pounds augmentations. The product gives you the power and the job of 9 sets of dumbbells in just a single dumbbell and takes less space as well.

You don’t have to stack up different sets of different kinds of dumbbells when you can get the job done by using just one product. The Weider adjustable dumbbells only require the storage area of a side table along with a stand and tray to carry the weights.

You can easily place the weights over the stand and reach them easily because of the stand’s easily accessible height. In order to operate it, all you have to do it set the weight to your desired level, lock it inside and then lift it up.

No matter if it’s fifth shoulder press, drop weight or bicep supersets, you can carry all of these using just a single set of adjustable weight dumbbells. It is a versatile set of dumbbells that will let you have a nice physique without having to leave your home.

Weider SpeedWeight 100 Dumbbells Set

Weider adjustable dumbbell
Weider SpeedWeight 100 Dumbbells Set

Another kind of Weider adjustable dumbbells is the SpeedWeight 100 adjustable dumbbell set. This dumbbell set also comes with a stand and is easy to use.

This is an ultimate product when it comes to weight lifting with convenience and feasibility. With this product at home you will never come across the need to buy another set of dumbbells again. You can choose between eight different weight plates that are quick and easy to adjust.

The product comprises of adjustable dumbbells of 50 pounds weight plates. You can choose between ranges of weights from 15 going all the way up to 50 pounds with 5 pounds augmentations.

You will also be provided three DVDs of 6 different work-outs to help you out in trying various exercises. The plates are coated and casted with iron which makes them sturdy and long lasting.

The grip from the handle is pretty tight and you will be comfortable doing all sorts of lifts. This dumbbell set also comes with a set which is very elegant looking and will only take up a corner in your room or garage.

The stand is at a desired level of height which will let you easily reach the dumbbells. The stand holds all the plates in one plate without making a mess.

You can carry out all sorts of workouts using these dumbbells and with the various videos you can also try new exercises that will boost your appearance and physical well being.

Weider Tech PowerSwitch Adjustable Dumbbells

Weider adjustable dumbbells speedweight
Weider adjustable dumbbells speedweight

This product comes with 50 pounds of dumbbells set that is easy to use and takes less space. The product contains most the metal parts which makes it very sturdy and robust.

Since without any plastic parts, the dumbbells won’t break that easily. They are perfect for carrying out various exercises and ideal for fresh weight lifters.

The weights can easily be changed however they are a bit bulky and huge than they seem to be. Overall, it is a decent product, not one of the best adjustable dumbbells, but will definitely do the job.

Bottom Line

So overall, we can conclude that Weider dumbbells have a range that caters to all sorts of needs and requirements.

The three different kinds are the most desired one in the market and people normally go for at least of one these. Summing up the benefits, they have huge array of weight selection, takes less space and are long lasting.

They are diverse in the sense that you can easily carry out your favorite dumbbells exercises using them. Now you don’t have to worry about taking up a gym membership or going to gym every day.

You don’t even have to buy lots of different dumbbell sets. Because when you buy one of these you automatically buy variety because these dumbbells can do the work of many other all in one product.

So no matter if you want to make muscles, cut down on body fat or just shape up your body, these dumbbells will cater to all your needs. Thus, having a nice body is now under your reach.

The DVDs provided for workouts is made up by certified fitness trainers who are very good at their job so do not hesitate while trying those different exercises.

You can read various adjustable dumbbells reviews to analyze what other customers think about their performance.

Rest assured, they are definitely better than low quality cheap adjustable dumbbells and you won’t be disappointed if you just give them a try. So do not wait up and order any of these amazing dumbbell pairs now.

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